AWS EventBridge

AWS EventBridge

AWS EventBridge is a serverless event bus service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It simplifies the process of building event-driven architectures and integrating different AWS services and SaaS applications.

With EventBridge, you can create event-driven workflows by routing events from various sources to target destinations. It acts as a central hub where events are generated, processed, and routed based on predefined rules. Here are some key features and concepts of AWS EventBridge:

  1. Events: An event is a significant occurrence or change in a system or application that is of interest to other components. Events can be generated by AWS services, custom applications, or SaaS providers.

  2. Event Bus: An event bus is a logical entity within EventBridge where events are collected and distributed. AWS provides a default event bus for your account, and you can also create custom event buses for specific use cases or applications.

  3. Event Rules: Event rules are used to define conditions and actions for processing events. You can create rules to filter and transform events based on their attributes, and then specify target actions to perform when an event matches the rule.

  4. Targets: Targets are the destination or action to be performed when an event matches a rule. EventBridge supports a wide range of target types, including AWS services, Lambda functions, Step Functions, SNS topics, SQS queues, and more. You can use targets to trigger further actions or initiate workflows based on events.

  5. Schema Registry: EventBridge includes a Schema Registry that allows you to define and manage event schemas. Schemas provide a structured way to describe the data format of events, enabling better understanding and validation of event payloads.

  6. Partner Event Source: AWS EventBridge also supports Partner Event Sources, which are pre-built integrations with various SaaS providers. These integrations enable you to receive events from external applications and services directly into EventBridge.

By leveraging AWS EventBridge, you can build decoupled and scalable architectures, enable event-driven automation, and integrate different services and applications seamlessly. It provides a flexible and scalable approach to handle events and drive real-time reactions based on the changes happening in your systems.

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